Jump for joy

What if…just once…you said it’s OK to jump on the bed?  What if you kicked off your shoes and jumped on with them?  What if you threw all the duvets on the floor and asked the kids if they’d like to dive into them with you?  Stay safe but go wild, we’d like to bet the kids would love you for it.

Makeup Makeover

A brave one this, we know, and use old make up if you have to, but how about just once, letting them do what they will with your make up and your face!  Let your budding makeup artists give you the makeover they’ve been dreaming of.  Then it’s your turn!

Let’s Pretend

Kings and queens, cowboys and indians, animals or ants, your kids are sure to have some ideas for “Lets Pretend…” games. Let the kids take the lead but don’t hold back now, we want accents, accessories, actions and lots of laughs.