Pillow Sack Race

It’s a school sports day staple but one that’s easily recreated at home with a few pillow cases. Roll your duvet into a finish line, then cheer on the kids as they race each other across the room. Stay safe and have fun!

Pillow Tennis

Got some boisterous kids that need tiring out? Then this could be just the solution you need. Using a few pillows and pair of rolled-up socks, you can recreate the centre court at Wimbledon in your very own home. From outstanding aces to long-running rallies, this is the perfect way to run off a all that excess energy. Just make sure you move that expensive lamp out of the way first!

Duvet Limbo

How low can you go? You’ll soon find out once you’re bending over backwards playing duvet limbo. Twist a duvet until it makes a rope, hold each end taut, and put some fun music on while you and the kids take it in turns to limbo underneath it – easier said than done!

Pillow Sumo

Loosely tie pillows to your arms, legs and tummy, dressing gown ties are good for this.  Stand a few metres apart and stamp legs to signal you’re ready to commence battle. Then fearlessly run towards one another, belly bouncing, wrestle and dodging until a challenger falls over or surrenders. Best of three?

Dodge the Pillow

You probably played dodgeball at school, but it’s much safer to recreate this fun game using pillows rather than balls when playing indoors. Split into two teams and take it in turns to try to hit members of the opposite team by throwing pillows. First team to take out the opposition wins!