Pillow Puppets

Everyone can have fun coming up with a storyline, or you can borrow one from a favourite book or movie. Then use pillows, duvets, mattress protectors of whatever bedding you have to hand to create individual characters and a stage for them to perform on. Break a leg!

Another World

Imagine they’re not just duvets, they’re mountain ranges and you’re Scott of the Antarctic. Or imagine you’re surfing a giant wave in Hawaii…just watch out for that shark! And who doesn’t want a duvet snail selfie?

Ultimate Duvet Dens

Whether it’s an Igloo, a Bomb Shelter, a Princesses Castle or a Rabbit Warren, with a bit of imagination, you and the kids can use Slumberdown bedding to make just about anything. And no matter how ambitious or otherwise your project might be, by the time it’s finished, you’re sure to have had loads of fun along the way.

Giant Noughts & Crosses

Why play noughts and crosses on a piece of paper, when you could play giant noughts and crosses on your duvet? Cut out noughts and cross shapes from any scrap paper you’ve got lying around, mark out a grid on your duvet using string or ribbon, and see who can be the first to get three shapes in a row. 

Stepping Stones

Kids’ imaginations know no bounds, so they’ll love dreaming up a fantasy world where pillow stepping stones allow them to traverse the dangerous landscapes and rough waters that exist in their very own land of make believe. Give them the run of the lounge so they can travel from the sofa to the door without touching the floor.