Drippy Critters

Mix up some poster paints with water till they’re bright and colourful, then pour a big blob onto nice big sheet of paper. With your straw blow the paint every which way to make ears, legs, tentacles whatever you fancy. Help your kids to cut out eyes and mouths from black and white paper, stick them on and you’re done!

Boxy Blighters

If you can’t find a tissue box, we reckon you could use just about any card box that you find lying around for this one.  Carefully cut out a mouth if your box doesn’t already have one.  Then cut out and stick on teeth, arms and legs. Finish it off with a couple (or more) egg box eyes.

Tasty Termites

Beat 140g of butter until soft and mix with 280g icing sugar plus 2 tbsp milk and split into 3 bowls.  Mix some nice bright food colouring into 2 of the bowls leaving one white.  Using a piping bag, pipe splodges of your butter icing onto cupcakes or biscuits.  Then decorate with shop bought fondant icing.  Nice, easy, tasty termites!