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  • Duck Feather Pillows x 2

Duck Feather Pillows x 2

Feather is still one of the best fillings for keeping you at just the right temperature whilst being super lightweight.  

The distinctive, natural silkiness of super soft duck feather is hard to beat.

Slumberdown Duck Feather pillows are down proof, which means they have two covers to stop any stray feathers poking out.  The pillow is also piped around the edges to give it extra durability.

The pillows can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a tumble dryer.  Just make sure that they are fully dry before putting them back on the bed or they’ll start to smell.

Our easycare, soft polyester cotton is great at recovering its shape after washing and drying.  

These medium support pillows are ideal if you sleep on your back.

Plus they're made in the UK.

These pillows are standard sizes at 48cm x 74cm, so are a perfect fit for all standard beds and pillow cases.

Medium Firmness

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