1 in 3 British Couples Prefer to Sleep Alone

The double bed may soon be a thing of the past according to a recent survey that reveals that one in three British couples prefer to sleep on their own every night.

The survey, commissioned by Slumberdown, to look at the nation’s sleeping habits found that our friends North of the border are most likely to sleep apart with a staggering 40 per cent of Edinburgh folk opting for their own bed night after night.

The main reason that couples gave for sleeping separately was because of their partner’s snoring (30%). However, Slumberdown’s research revealed that it isn’t just snoring that keeps Brits awake, as half (49%) of the 2,000* people surveyed said that stress, especially money worries, work and family were most likely to keep them tossing and turning at night. So it’s no surprise that the survey showed that the majority of people enjoy their best night’s kip on a Friday (22%) and Saturday (20%), when they’re not in work the next day!

Couples may be keen to ensure that they both get the best night’s sleep by sleeping separately, to avoid having to deal with a grouchy partner the following day, as 41 per cent claimed that a bad night’s sleep left them feeling grumpy. However, the good news is we can’t bear a grudge for too long with two thirds of respondents (59%) saying that they won’t go to bed until an argument with their spouse is resolved. As well as feeling grumpy, a lack of sleep leaves a third (31%) of us unable to concentrate, and almost one in four (19%) with memory loss.

David Page, sales and marketing director at Slumberdown said: “Whether sleeping in the same or a separate bed to your partner, a comfortable sleeping environment is an absolute necessity for a good night’s sleep. As the research shows, a bad night’s sleep not only leaves you feeling tired but grumpy too, which isn’t great for those around you, especially your partner. “Having the right bedding is also crucial to get the best night’s sleep. We offer a wide range to suit a variety of sleep needs which deliver maximum comfort to ensure people wake-up feeling their best.”

Slumberdown is a leading supplier of filled bedding products including duvets, pillows and mattress protectors. Products within the range have been designed to meet a variety of specific needs and include Refresh Anti-Allergy, Easy Wash, Climate Control, Orthopaedic and Goose Feather & Down. Products are available from leading retailers including Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.

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