A modern approach to sleep: the very best sleep monitoring apps

Over recent years it seems that smartphones and the applications that come along with them have become more prevalent in our everyday lives. From addictive games to karaoke sing-alongs and even calorie counters and fitness trainers; everything that you could possibly want in the palm of your hand is now a reality.

These apps are not just limited to when you are out and about, in fact there are some apps to download for the most peaceful times in your day. When you are drifting off to sleep; or not in the case of some people.

Across the Andriod and iOS download platforms there are a variety of different sleep related apps available. Some are designed for those who struggle to settle and some are for those who want to keep track of their own sleeping pattern.

Here at Slumberdown we have decided to put together the top apps available that look at your sleeping patterns; and help you to understand what really happens when you lie your head down at the end of a busy day.

Sleepbot (iOS and Andriod)

Sleepbot is a free app that uses your smartphone to monitor your sleeping habits. It does this with a motion tracker, a sound recorder and a smart alarm. It is down to you whether you have all three on or just one at a time.

To use, you need to activate the Sleepbot app on your phone before placing it face down next to you on the bed (it might be a good idea to plug it on or at least make sure that it has a fully charged battery as it can drain your battery).

Through the night Sleepbot will record sleep-talking and snoring and also capture any movements that you make. The results are collated and you can review them the next day with some easy to read, interactive graphs. It also keeps records up to 6 months back which means that you have a comprehensive list to compare.

MotionX 24/7 (only available on iOS)

Unlike Sleepbot, MotionX 24/7 is not a free app and it is only available on iOS. The good points are that it is not just a sleep tracker, it also monitors things such as heart rate and your steps too. An all-round health, fitness and well-being tracker that can give you an insight into how many hours you are sleeping but also how active you are being during the day (perhaps helping in the long term to tire you out).

Sleep As Android (only available on Android)

Another free app that you can download; Sleep as Android not only tracks your sleeping cycle but also has a smart alarm that will help you to wake up at just the right time for your sleep cycle.

It also has a library of inbuilt natural sounds to bring you out of your slumber as easily and calmly as possible and even asks you to complete a test to make sure that you have woken up properly!

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