A routine for the kids during the summer holidays

Whilst young and old alike look forward to those lovely summer days; planning things in for the extra long 6 week break might cause the adults in the household a bit of a headache.
One way that you can make it extra easy for yourself is to create a summer planner, one that you can display on the wall so that your kids know exactly what is coming up from day to day. 
This can be split down even further by planning in meals and also morning, afternoon and winding down activities. 

So that is the planner sorted, but then comes the worry about what to fill it with?

Thankfully, due to the milder weather and longer days, summer is the ideal time to get out and about and really get some fresh air. However, it is always wise to have some indoor things in the pipeline too, just in case the weather isn’t always feeling kind to us here in the UK!

Outdoor Ideas
Many of us will have fond memories of dragging out the paddling pool and spnendign the day splashing around during our childhood. The best part of getting outside is that it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Whilst there are whole host of zoo’s, theme parks and beaches that you can plan in a visit to during the summer; there is something really great about spending the afternoon splashing around in your own garden.
For a slightly lazier day, why not spend the morning making pizzas and other treats at home, before packing them in a basket and heading out for the an al fresco lunchtime treat! 

Inside fun
Getting arty and crafty is great fun for children (and adults) of any age. There are a whole host of free online colouring pages that you can print out ready to tackle with the crayons; or alternatively you could instead get the paints out and create some masterpieces. 
It seems that the internet is also a rich source of other ideas too and websites such as Netmums are absolutely packed full with craft projects that you can create during any indoor time! 

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Wind them down

Nothing gets you calm and ready for bed then a really good movie. Why not make it lots of fun by creating a comfy cosy den in the frontroom or simply having plenty of cinema themed snacks to really make it feel that you are in the movies! 
Whichever you do, cuddle up and enjoy a classic as well as indulging yourself in a bit of quality family time!

The best part of making sure that you have plenty packed into the summer holidays is that those outdoor, high energy activities might just mean that you totally tire out your little ones. Meaning that they drop off to sleep quickly and stay that way and you can enjoy some wonderful, much needed rest in your Slumberdown boudoir! What could be better than that?

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