Beginners Guide to Sleep

David Page, sales and marketing director at Slumberdown comments on the importance of a good night’s sleep:

“A key factor to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable sleeping environment with the right bedding. When choosing your bedding it’s important that you take in to consideration the position you sleep in, how hot you’re at night and whether you have any allergies, as this will ensure you choose the right pillow and duvet for the best night’s sleep.

“We have developed a wide range of bedding from Anti-Allergy and Climate Control to Orthopaedic to ensure that everyone enjoys a good night’s sleep and wakes up feeling rested and at their best.”

Slumberdown’s Top tips to ensure a good night’s sleep

Create a good sleep routine and stick to it

Adopting a good sleep routine is key. Sticking to the same bedtime everyday will help train your body clock so that you rise feeling rejuvenated and raring to go.

Build a relaxing environment

Creating the right sleeping conditions is essential to ensuring a good night’s sleep. Keep your bedroom tidy, well ventilated and dark as possible. A temperature of around 18° C is ideal.

Invest in the right bedding for you

Make sure that your bedding is suited to match your needs. Choosing the correct type of pillow or duvet could mean the end of those sleepless nights.

Wind down well 

Wind down properly before hitting the sack and you’ll be rewarded with a deep, restful sleep. Before bed try to cut down on stimulants, such as coffee and tea and don’t over indulge in food, alcohol or cigarettes. Technology before bed is a big no-no, using laptops or watching TV does not allow your mind to switch off properly. Instead, try to wind down gradually by taking a relaxing bath or reading a book.

Adopt good morning habits

Get out of bed when your alarm goes off instead of continually hitting snooze and you’ll establish a regular morning routine that will make rising much easier. Once out of bed open your curtains to let natural daylight in and pull back your duvet for 20 minutes to allow the moisture on your bed to evaporate.

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