Creative Workers Get the Best Night’s Sleep

Research from Slumberdown, shows that if you want to get a good night’s sleep, work in the arts and creative industries.

A survey which polled 2,000 people across the country, revealed that 82 per cent of those who worked in the arts and creative sectors, enjoyed a minimum of eight hours blissful unbroken sleep.

Conversely, the survey which looked at the nation’s sleeping habits found that stressed-out charity workers are most likely to be counting sheep at night. A whopping 61 per cent claimed they are woken every night without fail, citing work and money related worries as the main reason for their insomnia.

The survey suggests that those working in the science field wake up the grumpiest, with 53 per cent stating that they are grumpy in the mornings due to a lack of sleep.

To ensure the best night’s sleep across all professions, bedding down at home in your own bed is the best option all-round the survey revealed. However,  those working in the financial services topped the chart with 79 per cent revealing that sleeping in their own bed is most conducive to catching the most z’s.

When it comes to washing bedding, those working in financial services appear to be the most conscientious with 43 per cent washing their bedding once a week or more.

David Page, sales and marketing director at Slumberdown said: “The research shows that whatever your job, we all have worries which can impede on our sleep quota, that is why it is vital to create a comfortable sleeping environment to encourage  a good night’s sleep.

“Having the right bedding is also crucial to get the best night’s sleep. We offer a wide range to suit a variety of sleep needs which deliver maximum comfort to ensure people wake-up feeling their best and ready to face their working day.”

Slumberdown is a leading supplier of filled bedding products including duvets, pillows and mattress protectors. Products within the range have been designed to meet a variety of specific needs and include Refresh Anti-Allergy, Easy Wash, Climate Control and Orthopaedic. Products are available from leading retailers including Asda, Tesco and Morrisons. 

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