Feeling sleepy? How to get through those first few months with a sleepless new-born

Sleep deprivation can be incredibly taxing on your mind and body and this is especially true with new parents who are also learning about how to care for a baby alongside having less sleep then they are used to.

Changing your sleep habits

In those first few weeks of being a parent, it is unlikely that you can expect your newborn to change their sleeping patterns. After all, they need to be fed, changed and comforted and cannot understand how the night-time is for rest.

So if you are struggling with sleep deprivation perhaps you should look at your own sleep habits rather than your babies.

If you are a person who tends to stay up late watching TV or reading then be prepared that this can be one of the first things to go when you become a parent. This is especially true when you have a young baby; if you are going to be up several times throughout the night then there is no shame in heading to bed at 9pm!

Grasping those opportunities for rest

One of the first pieces of advice a new parent is given is to sleep when their baby sleeps. Very few people choose to listen to this advice of course, with many trying to cram every chore, task or errand that they need to do in a 20 minute period.

Rather than wash up those plates (that you can do whilst the baby is awake) why not take the opportunity to pop the baby in their crib or moses basket and grab a few minutes of shut eye for yourself.

Most people don’t understand the beauty of a power nap until they have children.

Asking for help

Seems like a far-fetched idea for some parents, but asking for help with your baby can mean the difference between no sleep and some sleep. Even a precious 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep can work wonders.

Call upon your friends or family; people in your life who can trust and ask them to watch the baby for a short time whilst you catch some sleep. This could be at home so that you can relax knowing they are not far or perhaps if the weather allows they could take them for a short walk meaning that you are not led there waiting for a cry.

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things to cope with; however one thing is for sure. It won’t last forever! 

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