How to keep warm in bed during winter

Well the weather outside is frightful…

With unbearably cold temperatures in winter, the thought of a warm, cosy bed to snuggle up in is blissful.

Other than turning the heating up to full whack, what are the best ways to keep warm throughout the night to avoid waking up in a chill?

Here are our top ways to staying toasty:

Have a warm bath or shower before bed

This will both relax your muscles and keep your body temperature up. Use calming bubble bath scents and oils such as lavender or chamomile to make you feel extra sleepy.

Take a hot water bottle to bed with you

You’d be surprised how much one small bottle can keep your bed insulated for a good few hours. Place under the covers about half an hour before you go to bed so it’s nice and warm when you get in.

Increase the tog-rating of your duvet

Upgrade the tog of your duvet to 13.5-15, so you have an extra thick layer to wrap up in. Check out our tog guide for more information on which rating is best.

Wear pyjamas made of natural fibres

Nightwear made of materials such as wool or cotton as their natural fibres will help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night.

Turn the heaters on – but not too high

Too much artificial heat can have a negative impact on your breathing and can often increase your chances of getting ill. Using more layers in bed is a much safer and healthier option.

With winter being one of the longest seasons in the UK, it’s important to make small alterations to your bedtime routine to ensure you get the best night’s sleep every night!

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