Is your bed ready for winter?

Our high tog duvets in our Winter Warm range will be sure to keep you snug and cosy through the cold winter evenings! 

But what even is a tog, and why does a higher tog duvet keep us warm? 

Well, let us explain…

Togs are a rating system, used to suggest how warm you will be when sleeping under a duvet. The lower the tog, the cooler you'll be.

Therefore, in the winter months it’s advisable that you get a higher tog rating to stay toasty in bed and a lower tog for summer. Our Winter Warm range includes a wide range of products that are guaranteed to keep you “as snug as a bug in a rug” this winter including our Winter Warm duvet, Electric Blanket and Fleecy Mattress Protector. 

If you prefer to stick to just one duvet all year round, choose a rating of around 10.5 or check out our ‘All-Seasons’ duvet which offers two togs in one.  

So now you know what a tog is – go and grab your Winter Warm duvet from your local Asda or Argos and let us know what you think!

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