Mum Knows Best When it Comes to Sleep

One in three mums get their baby sleeping techniques from their own mothers according to research announced today by Slumberdown in partnership with Director of the Northumbria Centre for Sleep Research, Professor Jason Ellis.

The research, which specifically looked at UK baby’s sleeping patterns and how they impact their mums, revealed that 35 per cent followed the advice of their own mother when it comes to teaching their baby to sleep rather than seeking advice from health professionals or the internet.

And it would appear the advice is working with a staggering 82 per cent of those surveyed stating that their baby started sleeping through the night at under six months old. This means that UK mums are able to enjoy a good night’s sleep with 43 per cent enjoying six to eight hours kip a night.

Although, for the one in three (33%) UK mums who stated that their child wasn’t sleeping through the night, one in ten (10.6%) were left feeling exhausted, 31 per cent felt they had no time for themselves and 12 per cent said it was affecting their relationship with their partner. One in three (27.1%) stated that if they had more sleep they would be able to function better and give their baby more attention.

Professor Jason Ellis said: “This data is really encouraging for a number of reasons. Clearly, seeking information from their own mothers is doing what it is supposed to do and we can never underestimate tried and true methods that are passed down from generation to generation. It is unlikely that a parent will pass down hints and tips that did not work for them. Importantly, we also see that at least 8 out of 10 mothers report their child started sleeping through the night by six months, which is excellent. Sleep is so important for physical and mental growth especially during early development. The not-so-good news is that it appears that our mums are not getting enough sleep. Where there are differences in how much sleep each of us needs, we would expect more than half to be sleeping between six and eight hours. What we do know is that having a baby can be a particularly vulnerable period for the onset of a sleep problem and the data may be reflecting that, although we will need to look at this in more depth. We can also see that mums, whose baby is not sleeping through, are suffering and this is having a detrimental impact on daily functioning and their relationships.”

The research revealed that over half (57%) of the nation’s mums said that the best way to help a baby learn to sleep was the ‘settle and leave’ method while one in three (31%) opted for the ‘controlled crying’ method.

Professor Ellis added: “Sometimes we forget that babies, just like adults, will respond differently to different strategies and what may work for your first child may not for your second. With so many of our mums reporting that their child started sleeping through the night by six months does suggest that both strategies have some merit.”

Slumberdown sales and marketing director, David Page, said: “This research highlights, that whilst most new mums and their babies achieve good sleeping habits fairly early on, there are still a high proportion of mums who are affected by lack of sleep.”

“At Slumberdown we’re keen to understand mums approach to helping their baby sleep and the impact it’s having on their wellbeing, in order to ensure we are providing the right products information and advice.”

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