Not washing bedding costs UK households over £200M every year!

Now be honest, would you rather throw your dirty pillows and duvets away and buy new ones instead of washing them? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone!

We recently conducted a survey into how many people in the UK throw their bedding away instead of washing it, and it turns out we are an extremely wasteful nation, a whopping 66% do exactly that – wasting over £200m worth of bedding each year.


A huge 45% of people in the UK have never washed their pillows and duvets, despite the fact that up to a third of the weight of a two year-old pillow is made up of dead skin and dust mite faeces, ew!

Not only that, of the 21 million units of filled bedding (i.e. toppers, duvets, pillows) sold each year, over 14 million units end up in landfill sites. 

Interestingly younger people are the most resourceful when  18-24 year-olds came out as the most resourceful when it comes to washing their bedding with 40% saying they would actually rather wash it than throw it away.

This is exactly why we created our Truly Washable pillows and duvets, making it much easier to wash your bedding so you don’t need to share your bed with those nasty dust mites! Our Truly Washable bedding has been tried and tested to maintain its texture, bounce and comfort through up to five machine washes. With Truly Washable is so easy to wash, you can keep your bedding for longer without having to buy a new one and save yourself some pennies!

What’s more, we’ve created a handy guide to washing your pillows and duvets and how often you should be washing them, to make sure they come out perfectly every time!

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