Six tips for getting a good night’s sleep over Christmas

Christmas is a time of cheer, family gatherings and excessive food and drink consumption! Heavenly, right?

However for many, Christmas time comes around each year with dread… anticipating the stress of buying presents for each and every distant family member, cooking for 20 people at a time and trying to keep the house looking presentable! 

All of this stress can cause disruption to your sleeping pattern making you feel lethargic, which can dampen that Christmas spirit! 

Our sleep expert, Sammy Margo has put together some top tips for getting a good night’s sleep over the Christmas period to ensure you can enjoy every special festive moment.  

1.    Plan ahead. Make sure that you plan your shopping and Xmas preparations well ahead. Make lists and just get on with it so that it won't occupy your mind at night.

2.    Regular hours. Going to bed and getting up at the same time will help you to sleep better, however over the festive period this isn't so easy. If you want to catch up on your sleep try going to bed early where possible. Those lie-ins are not helpful.

3.    Your bedroom. Create a haven for sleep. Make sure that it is cool dark and quiet. Freshen up your room with some new bedding, if you want luxury on budget try our premium Sleepwell collection available from George at Asda from £22. If your pillows are synthetic you should change them every 6-12 months and if they are natural every 2-3 years. 

4.    De-clutter. Store away those extra boxes and bags that have appeared during the search for Christmas decorations and wrapping paper – de-cluttering will help relax the mind and reduce any feelings of stress. 

5.    Walking. Try to integrate activity into your daily life as this will help you set your body clock and it will also help keep your street levels down. But avoid exercise too close to bedtime.

6.    Stimulants and Sedatives. Try to avoid getting into the stimulant sedative cycle by drinking late into the night followed by keeping yourself awake the next day with caffeine. Best to stop the caffeine after lunch.

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