Slumberdown Cure The Snorings


The Slumberdown sleep squad have been out in Norfolk visiting Little Snoring and Great Snoring, for National Stop Snoring Week, to try and give these sleepy towns a much needed quiet night’s sleep. We enlisted the help of the children at Little Snoring Primary School to get us the facts and figures on just how many snorers these villages hold, and who the biggest culprits are... 

Astonishingly, the villages totally lived up to their names, with 60% of families having one serious snorer within their home. It could be argued that it wasn’t overly surprising to find that 85% of these serious snorers were dads, however, 10% of each households snoring apparently comes from the family dog. Looks like there’s a gap in the market for some Anti-Snore pet pillows! 


With such hard hitting facts all compiled in to pie charts and graphs by the children, the Slumberdown sleep squad simply couldn’t let this continue. We set up a snoring help point and took to the streets of Little Snoring and Great Snoring armed with hundreds of Anti-Snore pillows to give to the local residents. 

The Parish Council Clerk, Joanna Otte said: “Slumberdown’s visit has caused quite a stir in the villages and it has really brought the community together. The insight revealed by the school children has been really fun, both villages definitely seem to live up to their names with there being on average one snorer per household”

Our very own David Page, our sales and marketing director said: “We are convinced that out Anti-Snoring pillows will have the villages sleeping more soundly and much more quietly than ever before. We look forward to hearing if our sleep squad’s visit will really cure The Snorings once and for all!”

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