Slumberdown’s spooktacular Halloween movie night in!

We all love a good night’s sleep, with the exception of Halloween of course! It’s the one night of the year we risk giving ourselves nightmares and snuggling up to watch a terrifying horror.
As you prepare for the big night, we’ve put together some top tips for creating the perfect Halloween movie night in. 

Your movie of choice

Choose your films carefully, do you go for a slasher, murder mystery or zombie thriller? Our list of the UK’s top 5 horror films might help you decide! 

1.    The Exorcist
2.    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
3.    Paranormal Activity
4.    The Shining
5.    Poltergeist

Of course, these are the films we reach for when the kids have gone to bed. Here’s our list of the top 5 child friendly horror films! 

1.    The Nightmare Before Christmas 
2.    Hocus Pocus 
3.    Scared Shrekless 
4.    Wallace and Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit 
5.    Casper the Friendly Ghost 

Build a duvet den! 

We all know duvets end up anywhere in the house other than on the bed. Create the ultimate duvet den for all the family to hide away from those spooky scenes! Here’s our tips on how to make the perfect duvet den: 

1.    Wear suitable clothing – ideally pyjamas or onesies and fluffy socks. 
2.    Halloween goodies are essential, the more sweets and chocolates the better! 
3.    Bring along as many Halloween props as possible. Masks, fake blood, capes and witches hats. 
4.    Assemble the den:
       o    Push together two chairs and gather as many pillows and cushions to make the den super comfy! Lay down a blanket on the floor. 
       o    Tie string in-between the top of the chairs to create a roof. 
       o    Place your duvet over the top of the string. Et voila! You have your ultimate duvet den. 
5.    Last but not least, switch on the film and snuggle up! 

Oh and of course… Don’t have nightmares! 

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