The best breakfasts to start the day

They often say that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; but is this just a marketing term thought up to ensure we all buy cereal?

At Slumberdown we work hard to make sure that you have the best night’s sleep possible, therefore we thought we should look into this claim, as after a great night’s sleep you want to have the best start to the day possible!

Unfortunately, we all know that during our busy lives breakfast often falls off the radar and becomes a low priority. However, simply by taking a few minutes to have an early morning fuel up, you could see the benefits right into the rest of the day.

Image from our lovely Slumberdown mum: Capture by Lucy

The power of breakfast

Think of it this way; during the night your body is going into a mini fasting stage. It doesn’t take on any fluids and certainly no foods; so come the morning you may find that you try to get up and go, only to discover that the tank is empty!

By eating breakfast in the first 2 hours after you wake up, you are giving your body the fuel that it so desperately needs; allowing you to embark on whatever adventures wait for you in the outside world.

So now we know that breakfast is actually an important part of your daily routine, you might wonder which foods are right for you to be tucking into. It is suggested that a balanced breakfast will have around 20% of the daily calories in your GDA- Guideline Daily Allowance.

What you choose to eat will really depend on who you need to feed and of course, how much time you have in the morning.

Quick and Easy

Often you will need to have a breakfast that doesn’t take too long to prepare and is easy to grab and go when you need to get out of the door.

If you have time the night before then why not make a Breakfast Loaf or perhaps a muffin that can be grabbed as you leave for the day. These treats are often packed with fruits such as banana, raisins or blueberries and feature other additions such as honey, walnut or oats.

Smoothies are also another great way to ensure that your body is getting some fuel whilst not taking up too much of your time. There are whole host of different smoothie recipes available; or why not take the plunge and create some combinations of your own.

Time for a treat

If you have a little more time, perhaps a weekend or a holiday then you can really go to town on this important meal.

Eggs make a great basic ingredient for breakfasts. Poached, Frittata, Omelettes and even in a sandwich. They are not only low in fat but also pack a good punch on the nutrient front; best of all they taste really good too!

Why not make breakfast time even better with some bacon and sausage. Teamed up with mushrooms, onions and tomatoes you can make a breakfast truly worthy of a champion!

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