The power of the siesta; napping at work and in the day!

Naps are more than just a little snooze; they area a powerful tool for boosting your mind and body and all just in the wink (or elongated close) of an eye!

So why do people see napping as lazy when in fact it is scientifically proven to be beneficial for us all? It can boost mood, alertness, creativity and even productivity especially when we all start to slump come the afternoon. In fact studies have shown that as little as a 60 minute nap can improve your alertness for as much as 10 hours! That is pretty impressive for just simply having a sleep!

The types of nap

There are three different ways that we, as people, tend to approach napping. Planned, emergency and habitual.

Planned napping is when you take a nap prior to actually feeling sleepy. People often do this in order to prepare themselves for a late night or an early start in order to keep them feeling refreshed.

Emergency napping are those times that you are overcome with tiredness and cannot continue with your day until you have a nap. Often these emergency naps will be used by people who are driving for long periods.

Habitual napping is when someone will take a nap at the same time every day, just like when you are a baby or young child. Some adults will still find themselves napping after lunch each day.

How to nap like a pro

It might not seem like it, but there is a wrong and right way to approach a nap. It is recommended that around 20-30 minutes of napping is the right amount for a short boost to your alertness without causing any interference with your ability to sleep that night.

When you do decide to take a nap there are certain things that you can do to make the most of your nap and drop off quicker.

Make sure that you are in a restful place that you can easily fall asleep in.
Limit noise and light that comes into the room as much as you can.
Try not to nap too late in the day as this can affect your sleep when it is actually time to go to bed. However a nap too early may mean that your body isn’t quite ready for sleep and it may take even more time to drop off.

Whilst napping seems to be attributed to the ill, elderly or young here at Slumberdown we are on a mission to tackle the negative thoughts that seem to crop up when it comes to napping.

If you are feeling sleepy and have the time for a quick sleep then we say; go for it! Take yourself off to a quiet, warm, comfortable place and get some shuteye. You should wake up getting ready to start whatever you need to do afresh!

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