Tips for improving sleep on holiday

When it comes to sleeping at home you know that Slumberdown have got your back. After all, we have been helping families around the UK to get a much needed night’s sleep for over 30 years.

But what happens when you are separated from your beloved bed? Whether you find yourself in a hotel, caravan, hostel, chalet or let’s face it any unchartered territory, how can you ensure that you wake feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep?

Because your sleep is important to us, no matter where you are; Slumberdown have put together our top tips to drifting off when you are on your holiday’s all in the hope that you will never have to find yourself tossing and turning when you should be snoring away! 

Take a little piece of home
As much as you may like to, the truth remains that you simply cannot transport your bed with you when you are going on holiday. But what you might not think about is the smaller items that come as part of your bed.

Should you have the space in your suitcase then why not pack your pillow in it? By taking this simple item you can not only stave off some of those feelings of homesickness (especially true for children who are on a school trip) but also you will have an extra element of comfort! 

The rules of the bedroom
Routine and rules can be very important when it comes to settling children during a holiday. However, who is to say that they are not relevant for us grownups too? 

If possible, when away on holiday, you should try to stick to your normal bedtime/waking hours. Of course this is not always something that you can do however the closer you are to your normal bedtime then the more likely it is that your body will respond well to drifting off. 
You should also try to have a wind down routine, much like you would at home. Whether that is a warm milky drink and a book or perhaps just 10 minutes to empty your mind, no matter where you are in the world you should be clearing out some “relax and recuperate” time.

The right environment 
Setting the right scene is key when it comes to quality sleep. This is particularly true when you are away from home. Make sure that the temperature in the room is between 16-18 degrees (optimum sleeping heat) and try to block out any noise or light that may cause you an issue. Ear plugs and sleep masks are a must if there is a chance that the noise levels where you are staying will be high.

No matter where you are choosing to holiday this summer, make sure it is the break that you need by getting that much needed quality sleep! 

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