University Blues

After a lot of hard work your teen has made the grade and will shortly be embarking on university life. But how do you overcome empty nest syndrome? Fear not, Slumberdown is here to help with top tips on how to let go:

  1. Celebrate - Coming of age is a time for your child to celebrate, and leaving home happily is a sign of successful parenting, so you should be happy too. If this proves difficult, try to focus your energies elsewhere, rekindle your relationship by taking up a new hobby with your other half such as Sunday golf, a cookery class, or if you’re more adventurous, rock climbing or salsa dancing. If you’re single, even better. You’ll now have more time to go out and do what you want – enjoy your freedom!
  2. Stay in touch – Today’s technology makes it much easier to remain in contact with your children, even those abroad. The likes of Skype, FaceTime and Smartphone applications such as Viber and Whatsapp, all allow people to send free text messages and make phone calls free of charge with a Wifi or 3G connection.
  3. Widen your circle – Find time to catch up with old friends or visit extended family more often. This will take your mind off your children flying the nest and you may get some advice from them too!
  4. Treat yourself – Do something special for you, book a short break, try a new hairstyle or get a companion pet.

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