Getting technical

Making sure we create a restful environment

Tirelessly testing the plumpness of pillows, the comfort of duvets, the softness of fabrics, and a thousand other details

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Here at Slumberdown, we believe everyone deserves a great nights sleep.

Putting all of our time and effort into solving those niggles that stop you sleeping well – and presenting them in a no-nonsense helpful way.

We’re continuing to support our efforts to identify and develop new and innovative materials, finishes, and fillings to meet the needs of our customers, making sure everyone gets the good night’s sleep they deserve.

Fibres & Fillings

Cotton Cover

A pure cotton cover that’s luxuriously soft and cool to the touch, whilst breathable for added comfort, so you can enjoy a perfect night’s sleep at the end of every day.

Duck Feather & Down

Naturally lightweight, wonderfully comfy and regulates your temperature for breathable freshness, so you can sleep in total and ultimate luxury.


Our soft touch microfibre cover has a smooth finish, so you can feel cosy and comfy, when snuggling into bed to enjoy a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


Durable, easy to clean and reassuringly soft, our waterproof range makes it easy to wipe away any accidents easily – perfect for the whole family.


Our Dacron™ filling is specifically made to keep you cool while you sleep. Scientifically proven to help carry excess moisture away from your body so you can enjoy a dry and comfy sleeping environment all night long.

Medium Pillow


Our Anti Allergy range is specifically made with an Anti Allergy filling to help reduce the build up of dust mites and bacteria. Tested and approved by leading experts Allergy UK.


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Tog Testing

Helping to measure the thermal resistance of duvets via an apparatus designed to monitor heat conductance and resistance.

Mini Carding

Our mini carding machines provide us with the ability to produce prototype scale samples for testing and development of our products.

Tensile Testing

We can perform, tensile strength, burst strength, seam strength and seam slippage tests on our textile materials.

Flammability Testing

We can perform a full range of UKAS accredited flammability tests on bedding articles including BS 7177, BS 7176 and the Furniture and Furnishing regulations 1988.