Beat the heat in bed with Slumberdown this summer

With the UK about to enter a heatwave, more often than not this means warm, muggy weather resulting in an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Though little can be done to alter the temperature outside, you can have control over how warm you are under the covers.

Bedding expert Slumberdown is here to help with some top tips on how to keep cool and get a good night’s sleep:

  1. “Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day. Having the room as dark as possible, without any sunlight will significantly reduce the temperature of the bedroom.”
  2. “Try to choose light coloured bed linen. As with clothing, dark colours absorb the heat and light colours reflect it, so stick to whites and pale pastel colours.”
  3. “When at home, keep your bedroom door and windows open wherever possible. It seems like an obvious step, but allowing as much air into the room as possible will really help you stay cooler.”
  4. “Wear light, breathable cotton pyjamas. Steer clear of anything fleecy and thick!”

For those still struggling to keep cool at night, Slumberdown also has a fantastic range of products available to help you beat the heat.

The Airstream Mattress Topper

Cooler than memory foam and unbelievably comfy, it will revolutionise the way people sleep in the warmer months. At 4.5cm thick, it helps support the contours of the spine, and the luxury microfibre cover is soft to the touch. The easy fit elasticated corner straps mean it will stay put all night long.

Available from: Argos, Asda, Amazon, Wayfair
Price (RRP) from: Single: £35; Double: £40; King: £45

The Climate Control Range

Specifically designed to regulate body temperature throughout the night. Its Advansa® fibre technology actively draws excess heat and moisture away from the body as you sleep, helping to prevent overheating. The 4.5tog duvet is non-allergenic and fully machine washable.

Available From: Amazon
Price 4.5 tog duvet from: £17.99; 10.5 tog duvet from: £33.99; Pair of pillows from: £13.99

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