Bedding – Temperature Control and the Perfect Night’s Sleep

Whether you’re someone who likes to stay cool in bed, or someone who likes to be wrapped up and cosy all year round, managing your temperature plays a vital role in protecting your sleep comfort and it becomes more prominent in the colder autumn and winter months.

Here, Karen Innes, NPD Manager at bedding specialist, Slumberdown, offers some expert advice on how you can help to manage your temperature throughout the night and aid your sleep in the process.

“With our brand new research showing that only a quarter of Brits are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night, we know there’s a lot of work to be done to improve the nation’s sleep quality. Our research shows that one in five people struggle to sleep because they’re too hot in bed and getting the temperature right is so important in making sure you get good, quality rest, boosting your overall health and wellbeing.

“Bedding plays a massive role in this, as the products you surround yourself with every night can make or break the feeling of comfort you get and how warm or cold you are, so it’s important to invest in your bedding and give yourself the best possible chance of a good night’s sleep.

“The best place to start when it comes to keeping your body comfortable during the night is by looking at the tog rating of your duvet. This refers to how much insulation the duvet has, and the higher the number, generally the heavier and thicker the feeling of the duvet, providing more warmth.

“Naturally, each of us is slightly different when it comes to our sleep preferences, whether that’s our natural sleep position, our body clock or even how much support you like to feel as you snooze.

“However, one thing everyone has in common is the need for comfort at night and this is why we recommend feeling and understanding the different tog duvets to find the right tog for you. There are also specific duvets and pillows made with special fibres such as DARCON which has been scientifically tested to help reduce your body heat by wicking away the moisture that builds up from overheating, so you can have a dry and comfortable sleep.

“It’s crucial that you take steps to boost your comfort, such as managing your temperature in bed, so that you can create a true sleep sanctuary during the colder months.   During the autumn and winter, we know that people naturally seek out their beds as a warm and cosy retreat away from the harsh weather outside, so opting for a thicker, plush 13.5 tog winter duvet is a great place to start.”

“Our research shows that the average Brit spends two hours and forty minutes every night lying awake in bed trying to get comfortable and to sleep, something we’re passionate about helping to improve.

“Another factor which can affect everyone during the night and leave you tossing and turning is irritation to your skin and that’s why we always recommend that people select bedding that is going to be kind to your skin and won’t aggravate any allergies.

“Slumberdown provides true comfort as our Anti-Allergy range is tested by the experts at Allergy UK and uses a special Anti-Allergy treated filling to help reduce the build-up of dust mites, bacteria and fungi. This is particularly important for homes with children as household dust-mites are responsible for causing 85% of allergic reactions amongst children with asthma.

“During the winter months when homes are typically less ventilated, dust particles can quickly build up but using anti-allergy bedding means that skin is protected and people can sleep with true peace of mind about the quality of their bedding and the positive impact it’s having on their sleep.”

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