How bedding can help your sleep survive a heatwave

When a heatwave strikes, one of the first things to suffer can often be our ability to get a restful night’s sleep. With sleep being such an essential part of wellbeing, it’s no wonder people are always looking for innovative and creative ways of ensuring they can avoid the dreaded hot, sleepless nights of summer.

As a bedding specialist, we are true champions of sleep and know the important role the right bedding, whether that’s pillows or duvets, have on our quality of sleep. Here, our Senior Marketing Manager, Anjna Mistry, highlights the importance of regulating your temperature whilst you sleep, particularly during a heatwave:

“Managing your body temperature is absolutely essential in helping you to get a good night’s sleep and this is never more important than through our Great British summertime.

“The type of bedding you use is an important factor in managing your temperature throughout the night and creating that all-important sleep space. Whilst it may seem tempting to use less bedding to stay cool, sleeping naked or with no duvet or sheet on you can actually encourage sweat to collect on the body and stay there, making you feel more uncomfortable and harder for your body to regulate your temperature.

“A simple way to control the temperature whilst you sleep is by ensuring your duvet has the right tog rating for the time of year. The tog rating refers to how much insulation the duvet has, and the higher the number, the more warmth it provides and the heavier and thicker the feeling of the duvet is. The tog scale starts at4.5, meaning it’s lightweight and cooling, and ends at 15 for a plush, thick winter duvet. In this kind of weather, you want a 4.5 duvet to help keep you cool in the night.

“We recommend that people look for duvets and pillows that are made using breathable materials and with specific properties such as DACRON®. Scientifically proven by ADVANSA, DACRON® is a breathable filling specially formulated to keep you cool by helping carry excess moisture away from your body. The more heat your body generates the harder DACRON® works to ensure a dry, cool and comfy sleep environment all night – allowing for a fresher and more comfortable sleep.

“Our climate control duvets and pillow uses this innovative material to help keep you cool. In addition, our duvet is available in different tog ratings, from 4.5 to 15, meaning you can manage your sleep climate all year round and sleep soundly.”