Trio of new Cot Mattresses

Slumberdown has launched three, new cot bed mattresses to ensure every baby sleeps tight at night. Under the Slumberdown Little Slumbers brand, each cot bed mattress uses a fibre rich filling to provide a firm and flat support and is supported by research to stay cooler than foam, giving parents the assurance that their child is sleeping soundly, and safely.

Most parents will agree, sleeping is a big deal, especially when it comes to their little one taking the leap into their own cot and cot bed. Making decisions on the right cot bed, pushchair and monitor can take time. Luckily Slumberdown is on hand to make life easier, with unrivalled knowledge and expertise in all aspects of bedding and mattresses, and has carefully created three different cot bed mattresses to ensure that every child is catered for and parents can sleep easy.

Effortless Mattress

The Effortless Mattress provides effortless comfort and support, allowing air to move freely and maintaining a high level of breathability so little ones can sleep at the most comfortable temperature. An affordable option, it is designed to provide seamless comfort with no dipping or sagging so babies stay cosy and safe all night long. It also boasts a removable, machine washable cover.

RRP £39.99, available on Amazon.

The Contentment Mattress

The Contentment Mattress uses dual fibre technology to cradle a child’s weight, giving an unparalleled level of support and security. The breathable fabrics and fillings allow airflow and the Teflon cover keeps it dry, fresh and clean. The removable and washable cover is also Allergy UK approved, and displays a cute quilted sleepy stars pattern.

RRP £49.99, available on Amazon.

The Cherished Mattress

The most advanced cot bed mattress available, the Cherished Mattress uses cutting edge Japanese technology to work in harmony with a baby’s movements to provide the highest level of support, security and comfort. The removable and washable cotton cover creates a soft and cool feel on the skin – perfect for a good night’s sleep.

RRP £69.99, available on Amazon.

What’s more, for the first time Slumberdown Little Slumbers is offering parents the opportunity to purchase additional cot bed mattress covers, perfect for those unexpected accidents.

Slumberdown Little Slumbers promotes safe sleeping and has created some helpful tips to make sure all babies sleep peacefully at night:

  • Cot and cot bed mattresses must be firm and flat without any cushioned or raised areas
  • A baby’s head shouldn’t sink into a mattress by any more than a few millimetres
  • Don’t place soft toys, loose bedding or anything that could cover their face in the cot. Only after 12 months should duvets and pillows be introduced.
  • Make sure the mattress is the right size for the cot. There should be no more than a 3cm gap between the mattress and cot bed.
  • Always place a baby on their back when laying them down to sleep.
  • Avoid overheating. The ideal temperature of a baby’s room should be between 16oC-20o
  • For the first six months from birth, a baby should sleep in a separate cot but in the same room as you.

The brand new Slumberdown Little Slumbers cot bed mattresses and additional covers are available exclusively at Amazon and prices on the mattresses start from £39.99.

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